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Beginner Art Drawing Painting Lessons


How to find the most appropriate art drawing painting teacher?
What to expect from first art lessons?
What art supplies will you need for first art lesson?
Beginner art lessons for children
Art Lesson Principles

Beginner Art Classes Teacher
Drawing Painting Lessons in New Jersey

Featured Art Teacher New Jersey

Michael from Central New Jersey
Middlesex and Monmouth County NJ

Art Teacher New JerseyI provide beginner art lessons and classes in Central New Jersey. My art students are from Old Bridge, East Brunswick, Marlboro, Freehold, Monroe, Sayreville, East Windsor and Matawan.

Art Lessons Available for Children and Adults.
Beginner artist will discover their artistic talent.
Learn how to draw using your imagination.
Lessons cover basic drawing with various medias including pastel, charcoal, pencil, pen, watercolor painting, and oil painting. Draw from a variety of subjects including still life, portraiture and landscape. Learn about line, color, texture, form, shape and movement.

Art Lessons for Children
Some of the most recent art projects taught include a fish collage, castle and dragon painting and cityscape with a sunset. Students learn how to draw and basic art terms while creating these types of projects.

Art Lessons For Middle and High School Students
Art lessons are available for students’ pursuing a career in art. Private art lessons are geared to develop art student’s portfolios for college. Art lesson plans are geared for each individual student. Basic drawing skills and the student’s interest are incorporated into the art lessons. Fashion design, cartoon illustration, painting are samples of the specialize art lesson plans developed.

Art Lessons for Adults
Art lessons are available for adults looking for a new hobby. Private art lessons cover basic drawing, watercolor, acrylic and oil. Art lesson plans include landscape, portraits and abstract. Since the lessons are private, the art student has the benefit of choosing subjects that they want to learn how to paint and draw. Take a private art lesson or we welcome the student to invite their spouse or child to join the art lesson. Group family art lessons are available.

Where are Art Lessons Taught?

Art lessons are taught at student's home in Central New Jersey.
Art Lessons are taught in Manalapan, Matawan, Old Bridge, Marlboro, Freehold, Englishtown, Sayreville, Monroe, Edison, East Brunswick, New Brunswick and Piscataway New Jersey.
See Art samples at the bottom.

Cost of Art Lesson

Private Art Lesson
$85 per hour lesson

Semi-Private Art Lesson(two art students)
$50 per art student per hour

Group Art Lesson(Minimum of three art students)
$40 per art student per hour

$15 to $25 additional fee for travel

Contact Michael

at 732 429 9389 or

Sample Art Student Projects
Student's art work include Joe East Windsor NJ, Mary Old Bridge NJ, Christina East Brunswick NJ, Christopher Manalapan NJ and Alex Coltneck New Jersey
beginner art student lesson children painting drawing

Private Art Lessons start at $40
Semi Private Lesson also available.

Phone: 732 429 9389

Art Teacher
Michael's Portfolio Samples

portfolio michael new jersey art drawing
Pastel Still life

water color lessons portfolio new jersey
Watercolor Landscape

portfolio art lesson new jersey
Charcoal Still Life

How to find the most appropriate art teacher?

A private art teacher should have or be pursuing a bachelor degree of fine arts from a reputable University. The art instructor should have knowledge of art history and demonstrate an understanding of basic art principles. They should be proficient at drawing, painting computer art or any other subject that they will be teaching. Ask the art teacher to provide portfolio samples of their own work at the first art lesson. Tips- See if the type of work that they are creating goes along with what you want to learn. You may also want to see other art student portfolio samples.

What to expect from the first art lessons?

The art teacher will explain the art supplies the art student needs. If you’re a beginner art student expect to first learn basic drawing skills. Beginner art lessons classes include learning how to use the art supplies, art history, and basic art principles. Tip- It is better to start with drawing and then move to painting, computer art and sculptor. Drawing lessons will provide you with a strong foundation before you move onto other medias. The art teacher may start by explaining art principles including line, shape or form. The art teacher should not interfere with the creativity of the student. Instead, they should encourage creativity.The art teacher should be patient with the student and answer all questions. The art teacher may provide the art student with homework that relates to the first art lesson.

First Art Lesson Supplies
General art supplies that you will need to get started:

  1. Drawing Pencils
  2. Drawing Pad
  3. Color Pencils
  4. Color Markers
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  7. Eraser
  8. Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Paints
  9. Easil

What do art supplies cost for the first art lesson?

Be expected to pay between $50 to $100 for art supplies. The art teacher may be able to provide discounted art supplies.

What do most instructors charge for a private art lesson, semi - private or group art lessons?

Most art lessons start at $60 to $100 depending on the art teacher’s experience.
A semi-private art lesson which consists of two art students is a great way to split the cost.  

Art Lesson Definitions

Art terms that you will learn as you continue to take lessons include balance, movement, emphasis, contrast, form, space, perspective and unity.


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