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What will I learn a my first golf lesson?
What equipment will I need at my first golf lesson?
Buying golf clubs for children?
Golf Beginner Terms?
How much should golf lessons cost?

What will I learn a my first golf lessons?

At your first lesson the golf instructor will teach about the equipment including the use for each club, how to grip the club and start the mechanics of the swing.

What equipment will I need at my first golf lesson?

Set of Golf Clubs For Beginner Golf Student
A beginner golf student should start with a basic set of golf clubs. This includes three woods, irons from numbers 3 to 9, pitching wedge, and putter. As your game improves more clubs can be added to your bag.
Tip- The rule states you can only have up to 14 clubs in your bag.
Nicklaus Golden Bear Mega Bear 450 Complete Golf Set With Bag - 2005 This set includes the bag
Wilson Shockwave Complete Set - 3-PW, Driver, 3Wood & 5 Wood - RH

A set of woods will include a driver and two fairway woods number 3 and 5 wood. The driver will have the number one on the head of the club. It will be the largest club and provide the most powerful shot helping you hit the longest distance out of all of your clubs in your golf bag.. The 3-wood is the second largest club in your bag. It is also used for long distances.
Tip- Beginners shouldn’t start with the driver (wood number 1) Start with the 3 wood because it gives your more control off the tee. The 5 wood is for shorter shots and is equivalent to the 5 iron.

Hippo Impact Complete Golf Set - Graphite

Ram Mens LH Concept Oversize Woods/Irons Sets
Callaway Golf ERC Fusion Mens Right Handed Driver (Like New) With Free Headcover

A set of clubs normally comes with irons numbered 3 to 9 plus the pitching wedge. The angle of the golf club determines the use of each iron. For longer distances use the lower irons 3 and 4. These golf irons have a lower loft helping to project the ball lower for greater distance. The 5 and 6 are for medium distance shots and the 7, 8 and 9 are for shorter distances. The 7, 8 and 9 golf irons will have a higher loft projecting the ball higher in the air for shorter shots. There is no set distance for each iron. A players personal strength will determine the choice of an iron.
Tip- Start with a inexpensive set of irons or buy a set for under $200

Men's Top-Flite Tour Irons 3-PW RH New
Wilson Shockwave Complete Set - 3-PW, Driver, 3Wood & 5 Wood - RH

A sand wedge has a degree of 55 to 57 and is used for shots buried in the sand bunkers.

Golf Balls
Golf balls are made with small dimples. The dimples help glide the balls through the air. Tip- Find the cheapest balls because beginners, will lose a lot of golf balls.

Top Flite XL2000 Super Titanium - 18 Pack

Callaway - HX Red MINT (3 DOZEN) - In Excellent Pre-owned condition

Golf Tee
A golf tee is used to hold the ball up at the start of a hole. 2-3/4 inch tees are recommended.

100 Pack 2-3/4 Inch Golf Tees

Golf Bag
A small and lightweight golf bag is ideal for a beginner. Look for a Golf Bag that includes zippers with pocket to store tee, golf ball, and pencils. Tip - Make sure the golf bag is made with waterproof material

Golf BaHotZ Serradella Deluxe Bag
Ogio Sport Shock Stand Bags

Are normally sold separately. There are all types of shapes and styles. Tip- Pick one that you feel comfortable with.

PowerBilt SoftBilt PB3 RH Mallet Putters

Buying Golf Clubs Children
Manufactures have designed clubs specifically for children under the age of 10. These clubs are lighter and smaller in size with thinner grips. Most of the sets are reduced in number limiting the club decision the child has to make. This also benefits that child by reducing the weight of the bag. The lowest iron is normally the 6. The putter should be measured from the child’s waste to the ground.

Senator Junior Golf Set (Ages 8-11)
Knight Golf Lancer Junior Set
Wilson Pro Staff Junior Golf Sets

Tip- make sure the clubs are light enough for your child to swing.

Golf Shoes
There is a lot of walking when you play an entire round of golf with out a golf cart. Make sure the gof shoes are comfortable. Golf shoes are now designed for all types of weather including waterproof when it rains. The spikes on the bottom of the shoe helps with traction. Tip - Rubber spikes are standard because they are less likely to damage the course compared to metal.
Etonic Closeout - Men's Lites White / Dark Brown
adidas Men's Adiwear SL Shoe
Nike SP-3 Golf Shoe - White/Black

Golf Gloves
A golf glove provides traction on the club. It prevents the sliding of the hand. Tip - A righty will wear a glove on their left hand and a left on thier right.
Mizuno Mens Soft-Fit Golf Gloves
Bionic Gloves - Golf - Model - Men's - Left - Medium

Make sure to wear clothing that is comfortable. The clothing should not be too loose or too tight. Many courses have a strict dress code requiring pants and a collared shirt. Tip - It is always a good to overdress when playing a round at a private club
NIKE GOLF DRI-FIT Pique Sport Shirt

Dockers Tour Mens Pleat Cotton Shorts
Dockers Tour Mens Pleat Cotton Pants
Tommy Hilfiger Mens Long-Sleeve Woven Oxford Shirts
NIKE GOLF Dri-Fit Textured Sport Shirt

Golf Beginner Terms?

Each course is designed with a certain amount of holes with pars of 3, 4, 5 and in some small cases 6. To earn a Par you must make it the whole in a predetermine amount of shots. For example if the hole says par 3, you must make it to the whole with 3 shots. A par 4 is four shots and a par 5 is five shots.

If you shoot one over par. A double boggy is 2 over par

To make a birdie you must shoot one under par. If a hole is a par 4 then you must put it in the hole in 3 shots.

To make a eagle you must shoot two under par. If you are playing a par 5 and you make it to the hole in 3 shot, then you have made an eagle. Eagles are challenging.

Hole in 1
Make it in one shot and you have made a hole in one. Most players dream about the day when they can make a hole in one. It doesn’t happened much but if your lucky on a par 3 there is a always that chance.

Sand and water that is postioned around the golf course to make the game more difficult.

Tee Ground
This is where the first shot is taken. Color coded markets indicate the where to take the first shot. There are markers for ladies, average players and professionals

The area between the tee ground and green. This is where most golfers shoot their second and third shots.

Area off the fairway where you don't want to be because the grass is cut longer providing a more difficult shot.

The goal of golf is to first find the golf flag located on the green. Next you must try to land your ball on green. Finally, you should putt the ball into the hole. The hole may be located anywhere on the green. The grass is cut short to allow the ball to roll.

Golf Location-

There are brilliant course locations all around the world. The most famous is the Augusta National located in Georgia. This is the location where the Masters tournament is played.There are private courses with membership fee. There are also public course were normally the price is cheaper.
Tip- If you’re a beginner start with the driving range before playing a round of golf. Pitch and Putt courses are also a great starter before moving onto a real course.

Cost of Golf Lessons-

Golf lessons range from $30 a half hour to $100 depending on location and experience of instructor. Make sure your golf instructor is certified. Tips to cut the cost of lessons take a semi-private with a friend. There are a number of golf classes. A round of golf can be as low as $25 to over $200 depending if it is private or a public course.
Beginner should start out at the driving range, then move to a public course.
Tip -Check out the instructor spotlightlight on the right hand side of this page for many qualified instructors


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