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Tennis Teacher Lessons Instructor Central New Jersey

tennis teacher new jersey

Tennis Instructor

Michael Weitsen

Old Bridge, New Jersey

732 429 9389


Tennis Experience

I have nine years of experience teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced tennis lessons. I teach students from all levels. I provide tennis lessons indoor and outdoor.

Where are tennis lessons taught?

I teach tennis lessons in Old Bridge and Matawan New Jersey. This is close to Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold, Sayreville, Monroe, Edison, East Brunswick, New Brunswick and Piscataway.

Cost of Lesson

Private tennis lesson - $55
Semi-Private Tennis Lessons - $30 per student
Group Tennis Lesson - $25 per student
(Minimum 4 Tennis Student)

Contact Michael at 732 429 9389


Beginner Tennis Lessons

At your first lesson the tennis instructor will explain about the tennis court and the equipment. The student will first learn how to grip the racket. They will learn ready position, forehand and backhand ground strokes.

What equipment will I need at my first tennis lesson?

Tennis Racquet- A Tennis Racquet consist of a frame, string, and handle. The thicker the frame, the more powerful the racquet is. Thicker frames are meant for older players with less powerful swings.
A beginner does not have to spend a lot. The cheaper racquets start from $20 to $40 dollars and are ideal for students just starting out. They normally come with the string already threaded into the tennis racquet and most come with a carrying case to protect the tennis racquet when not in use. An intermediate tennis player will want to purchase a better quality racquet. More expensive tennis rackets are normally sold un-strung. The customer has a choice of what type of string to use and the tension.

Buying Tennis Racquet for children

When purchasing a tennis racquet for a child be sure that is small and light in weight. The junior racquet measuers from 21 to 26 inches in length. Many companies make rackets specifically for children. If your not purchasing the racquet online bring the child with you to allow them to hold the racquet and see if it is light enough. The grip should wrap around the handle comfortable. An approximate space of the width of two index fingers should be left. This allows a student to grow into the racquet.
Tip- Click here for a recommend junior tennis racquet for children

Additional Accessories-

Additional parts may be purchased to enhance the comfort of your racket. These include head tape, overgrip, and vibrator.

  • Head Tape is placed on the top of the head of the racquet to protect it from scratching.
  • Overgrip is placed over the handle of the racquet to make the handle larger and to enhance the grip of the racquet.
  • Vibrator is a placed between the strings to reduce vibration as the ball hits the strings of the racquet.
    Tip- Start with a cheap racquet to see if you like tennis. As you become a better player it is recommednded to have multiple racquets incase a string breaks.

Tennis Balls-

Balls should be purchase in an air-compressed can. The container will have a metal lid similar to a soup can. Normally they come in a set of three balls to each can. Stay away from unsealed balls found in plastic bags. They will not be live enough and won't have a ideal bounce. A can of tennis balls should cost around two dollars. Manufactures make balls for specific surfaces including outdoors and indoors. If you are outside purchase tennis balls with extra durable felt.
Tip- After your finished playing store your tennis balls back in the can and close the plastic lid. This will help keep the tennis balls live for next time use.
Tip- You may be wondering what the number on each tennis ball means. This allows you to recognize your ball from others when they roll onto another court.

Ball Hopper-

A common equipment used for storing and picking balls up. The small holes on the bottom allow the balls to squeeze through for easy pick up. By pressing the tennis ball with the buttom of the container, balls may be picked up without bending down. After all the tennis balls have been collected, the tennis ball hopper handles flip down and can be used as legs. This allows for easy feeding of tennis balls. If you are serious about practicing, this can be a time saver when it comes to picking up balls. Tip- A Ball hopper will cost anywhere from $25 to $90 depending on the size.

Ball Machine-

A machine that projects tennis balls for practice. There are two types of machines air compressed and wheel based. There are many quality brands including Prince, Tennis Tutor, Lobster, Wilson. These machines have become sophisticated. Features include oscillation, varible speed/spin and remote control. Oscillation moves from side to side, projecting tennis balls across the tennis court allowing for forehand and backhand ground strokes. It is recommended to get tennis lessons before purchasing expensive equipment like this. It would be a mistake for a beginner to purchase a machine and reinforce the incorrect form. With proper instruction and the use of the tennis ball machine you will see improvement. Prices for machines range from $400 to $1,500 depending on features. Tip- A ball machine is not recommended for a beginner. Take lessons first to develop the proper swing.

Racket String

Synthetic gut string is the most common used. It is great for long term use.


Tennis apparel has changed over the years. It was customary to only wear totally white. Times have changed as tennis professionals have become more fashionable. Serena Williams and Andy Roddick are two tennis professionals that have made tennis apparel a fashion statement. Hats, warm up outfits, shorts collared shirts, tennis sneaker, skirts are among popular to wear. Popular brands include Nike, Reebok, and New Balance. A collared shirt and white mesh shorts are still popular outfits. A hat is helpful to keep the sun out of your eyes. Make sure to get specifically designed tennis sneakers, not basketball, running or casual sneakers. Tennis sneakers are designed for the stop and go action as they help prevent ankle sprains.
Tip - Look for tennis sneakers with extra protective material in the front of the toe because the front near the toes area wears out quickly.


Tennis Beginner Terms


A serve that lands in but out of the reach of your opponent


When the score is tied at 40 to 40

Double Fault

When your serve is called out two times in a row

Drop Shot

A ball hit lightly with spin


The term used for scoring when 0

Ground Stroke

A shot hit back at the baseline. There are two types of ground stokes the forehand and backhand. A forehand ground stoke is swung using one arm. For the backhand you can use a one or two hand swing.


The first shot of every point. A very import shot to perfect.


This is a short punch at the ball taken at the net. Not a full swing.


This is a shot hit high in order to project the ball over the opponent’s head

Tip -visit amazon for great books about tennis instruct



Tennis courts are located all over the world. There are hard court, grass, and clay surfaces courts can be found indoors and outsides. Hard courts are the most common. Check for courts at your local schools, development, civic center or park.
Tip-Find Tennis Instructors in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania in the instructor spotlight section


Tennis Lessons are taught as private, semi-private and group. Lessons range from $20 to $120 an hour depending on outdoor/indoor facility, location, and experience of tennis instructor. Be expected to pay $60 an hour for an outdoor-private tennis lesson. An indoor tennis lesson will be considerable more because you are paying for the tennis lesson and the tennis court. Indoor tennis lessons normally start at around $75 an hour and up.
Tip -Check out the instructor spotlightlight on the right hand side of this page for many qualified instructors.


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